Guar gum
Types :

What Is Guar Gum?

Guar gum is a complex carbohydrate that is derived from the guar plant seeds, primary found in India and Pakistan. Guar gum is actually a kind of polymer known as galactomannan. Guar beans are first dried, so that the seeds can be easily extracted out of them These guar seeds are then wet-dried and subsequently crushed to fine or coarse powder


Easy solubility in cold and hot water Film forming property Resistance to oils, greases and solvents better thickening agent Water binding capacity High viscosity Functioning at low temperatures

Guar Gum Use

Food use:-

Guar gum is a very popular food thickener and stabilizer. It is used to bring about viscosity and thickness in a number of food products. Just like other food additives like coloring and flavor enhancers, guar gum is also a food additive belonging to the emulsifier family along with locust bean and the xanthan gum. But it is a better emulsifier because of the galactose content in it. It is due to the long polymer chains that tangle with each other in the solution and thus increasing the solution viscosity

Cosmetic Uses:-

Cosmetics industry uses guar gum, along with xanthan gum, as a thickener in beauty products like face creams, moisturizers, shampoo conditioners, toothpastes, etc

Other Industries Using Guar Gum:-

Textile industry uses guar gum for finishing and printing of the textile productions. • Paper industry uses it for better sheers and denser printing surface. • Oil drilling industry for hydraulic rock fracturing. • As a binder in tablets for the pharmaceutical industry

Guar Gum Benefits & Medicinal Properties:-

Guar gum is not just an emulsifying food additive, but is also laden with nutritional and medicinal properties. It is very beneficial in achieving regular bowel movement for those suffering from constipation. Its laxative properties are known to cure chronic bowel functioning ailments like diverticulitis, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. It is very quick in its action of removing waste and bacteria from the bowel With its high fiber content guar is also effective in managing cholesterol levels, therefore being highly beneficial for those suffering from cholesterol disorders. Obese and diabetic people should also increase their intake of guar gum. The water soluble fiber of the guar gum helps in slow absorption of sugars by small intestine. This helps diabetes patients control insulin and therefore the blood glucose. Guar gum powder has some noticeable health benefits. It is a water-soluble fiber and acts as a laxative to those who suffer from irregularity. Guar gum powder's solubility also helps it to absorb toxic bacteria that causes diarrhea. Studies have also shown that guar gum powder may also help reduce cholesterol.