Our Mission

Nem group of companies is committed to its succinct and unequivocal philosophy of growth through imagination, innovation, execution, management and value creation. Our mission is to strive for continuous growth of the company through Almost customer satisfaction by sourcing the best resources available and delivering quality products and services. We believe that the only way we can grow as an organization is by creating value for our customers, our associates, our people and for the communities in which we operate.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the most trusted brand and gain the market leader position in each sector of the economy that we are involved in.

Our Philosophy


It is in our nature to imagine and visualize ‘what could be’ by being curious and passionate. The faith and trust our customers place in us is based on our passion to perform consistently and on our passion to deliver results in stipulated timeframe.


We are a knowledge driven company, it helps us in our search for creativity and ingenuity. It enables us to create change that makes us an efficient performer. We are an agile organization and we lead change.


Innovation is the initial step that leads to execution. Our in-depth knowledge and technical know-how enables us to understand the business as a whole and our strategic resourcefulness equips us in execution.


Timely and efficient management is an important factor of successful operations. We look at this fact as one that controls the flow of value creation and are continuously improving and innovating the way we manage with the changing times and needs. We are adoptive to change.

Value Creation

Nem Corp strongly believes in the fact that an investment is only as good as the value it creates. We have steadily grown northwards since the company’s inception, two decades ago, through our ‘Imagination-Innovation-Execution-Managing-Value Creation’ philosophy.

The Nem Way

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Commitment, Quality and Resourcefulness are words that have become synonymous to Nem. It is a brand built through these beliefs and core values that we have upheld for over two decades.

Honesty & Integrity

We practice excellent work ethics in our organization and are committed in everything we do. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and are accountable to lead by example.


We act as responsible corporate citizen and engaged in the best practice methods. We keep absolute transparency in our business activities and always try to provide the utmost comfort to our customers, associates and employees. We believe in decentralization and process orientation in execution to bring transparency in systems and stand by decisions made within the company.


We are a very committed organization and always put our unwavering efforts to delivering the best in the stipulated timeframe. We are fully dedicated and obligated to everything we do.


We believe in finding brisk and astute ways of engaging Nem’s capital and human resources to achieve the rapidly evolving market needs. We are always endeavoring to make the utmost use of available resources that provide the best results for our customers, our associates and our company as a whole.


Nem strongly believes in ‘existence through quality.’ We strive for developing quality system in accordance with requirements of the industry and in training and development of employees at all levels to bring in quality culture. We are always aiming for continual improvement and innovation in all our activity. We provide the best available raw materials, finished products and services to maintain the quality standards.