Hindi Name: Pila sarson

Botanical name: Brassica hirta


Yellow Mustard seeds are not so pungent and sharp and are used more often in cooking as a picking spice. They are strongly preservative and discourage molds and bacteria. Yellow mustard is beneficial in relieving an aching back or arthritis pain. Mustard will enhance the soothing effects of the Epsom salt and also help to relax stiff, sore muscles. It is also helpful in Relieving congestion. Most supermarkets stock yellow mustard seeds for pickling while black and brown seeds are available at Indian Food Specialty stores. Yellow mustard seed is suitable for a wide range of applications, including dry milling for flour, whole ground seed for spice mixes, and wet milling for mustard pastes, and meat processing and other food products. Yellow mustard seed can also be used as an ingredient for the prepared meat industry, where it contributes to total protein.