Corn Gluten Meal

Corn gluten meal is a product derived from the corn-milling process. The appearance of the produce is fine yellow and it is available in powder and granular form. Corn gluten meals contains high protein and are therefore are an important ingredient in the animal feed industry worldwide, mainly the poultry, aqua, pigs and cattle.

Corn Gluten Meal


              We procure and supply Corn Gluten Meal 1, which is highly qualitative and has huge demand in the market. Our exclusive range of Animal feeding products is highly nutritious and keeps your animals fit.

These Corn Gluten Meals are available at market leading pRice Bran Meals.



Min 60%


Max 10%


Max 3%


Max 3%


Bags / Bulk


In Containers




Poultry Feed


We are one of the well known suppliers of Corn Gluten Meal 2, which is extremely nutritious. These meals are appropriate for the animal feeding that are of superior quality. We procure them from healthy suburbs areas and so these result in keeping your cattle, fish, dogs and poultry fit. It is known as CGM and is a by-product of commercial corn containing rich protein.