We offer Indian yellow corn, which is procured from the hinterland of India. With uniform grain sizes our corn variety has excellent resistant to blight. Our maize are used as livestock feed, forage, silage etc. We are dealing in Yellow Corn Business since 1997.


Product Category :

Agricultural > Grain > Corn

Animal Feed

Cattle Feed

Poultry Feed

Indian Yellow Corn Specification


14% max

Weevilled Damaged:

2% max


3% max

Foreign Matter:

1% max


3% max


1% max


20 PPB max



Free from live insects


40 kg pp bags. (24mt in one 20’fcl) and Bulk



Frozen sweet corn

super sweet corn,medium sweet

US super sweet no.1,crispy king



In India, yellow maize is rising as third most important crop after rice and wheat. Maize has its significance as a source of a large number of industrial products in addition its uses as human food and animal feed. Diversified uses of maize for corn maize, yellow maize, maize corn, starch industry, corn oil, oil production, and possible for exports has added to the require of maize all over world.


We are known for our premium quality corn flour that finds its usage in various bakeries to make sauces, puddings, custards, sweets and desserts. These are made though grinding the best quality corn flour under extremely hygienic conditions. We offer our range, ensuring about the standard quality at most reasonable price