Dry figs also known as anjeer is among the most loved dry fruits in india. Dry figs can be availed form us in different color shades. Our dry figs possess excellent taste, high nutritional value and numerous health benefits that give boost to its demand in the market.
Nutritional value of dried figs (100gms) : 
carbohydrates : 64 gsugars : 48 gdietary fiber : 10 gfat : 1 gprotein : 3 genergy : 250 kcal /1040 kj

specialty :

rich potassium contentrich in dietary fiberhigh calcium contenthigh water contenthygienically packedexcellent taste

health benefits :

maintains blood pressureeffective for weight managementreduces risk of breast cancerpromotes bone densityhelps in getting rid of sleeping disordersboosts memory powerreduces blood cholesterolpromotes over all well being